The Montana Wood Products Association

The Montana Wood Products Association was founded in 1972 and serves as a major voice for the wood products industry while actively dealing with timber, logging, and wood products manufacturing issues in the public arena, and with state and federal government.

Mission Statement: To promote healthy forests and healthy communities through management of Montana’s forests.

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Chief Tidwell's Letter to the Field on Fire Borrowing (, 8/27/2015)
…Fire suppression was funded at $1.01 billion this fiscal year. The July fire projection model indicated that the agency would incur costs between $869 million and $1.53 billion from the fire suppression fund. Currently, there remains approximately $174 million for fire suppression in fiscal year 2015. We anticipate the current extreme fire activity to continue through the end of the fiscal year and are projecting that the Forest Service will not have sufficient suppression funds. Read more...…

2015 | Timber Industry in Focus (, 1/5/2015)
…We have updated our educational booklet on forestry and the timber industry in Montana. Check it out!…